Why the Epoxy Floor Coating is The Best Choice For Your Garage or Industry?

One of the toughest and durable floor finish that you can apply on your garage floor, basemen, showroom etc. is an epoxy coating. This flooring not only protects your floor but also gives it a marvelous finish that transforms the boring look into a complete professional looking floor. 

Highly durable and elegant flooring solutions


A suitable choice for residential as well as commercial flooring, the epoxy flooring provides completely new shine to the floor that attracts the attention of all your visitors. Depending on for which application, you choose it, you can also have these flooring in different custom colors to meet the specifications of your interiors. Let’s check out why you should have an industrial epoxy floor coating at your place. 

Suits With Your Interiors

Ready for a completely new fresh floor in your garage or workplace? Epoxy paint formulated for floor depending on function, comes in a variety of systems and colors that add a bit of personality to your industrial, commercial or residential place. Right from green to metallic blue, or some light cream shade to gray, these epoxy floor coating not only enhance the space appeal but also protects your flooring from any marks, scratches, oil stains and cracks. 

Moreover, certain epoxy coatings are specially designed for industrial spaces that maintain integrity even in harsh chemical environments right from floors susceptible to intermittent chemical contact as well as the inside of jet fuel tanks. 

Secures Floor From Damages  

In general, epoxy floor coating is industrial flooring because of their long lasting and easily cleanable and safe against germs and chemicals. A Thicker epoxy coating is formulated using resin and hardener that protects the floor from scratches when something heavy is dropped on the surface. In comparison to another flooring such as wood, tile or others, an epoxy floor coating shows the highest resistance against scratches, stains, and germs. Airplane hangars, service bays, car washes, warehouses, labs, parking areas, show rooms, restaurants and clubs, kitchens etc are the areas that epoxy coatings can be used as a seamless coating, easily cleanable, resistant against oil and different chemicals are advantages of epoxy systems.

Easily Affordable

An industrial epoxy floor coating is not inexpensive flooring but when it comes to lasting, low maintenance, easily repairable, easily applying new coating on top after years without needing to demolishing and save time to avoid long time closing then you can save money, then it is inexpensive.

Moreover, an epoxy floor coating is done over concrete floors that provide a more tough and durable choice than any standard tile. A tile is easily breakable or it can warp but, an epoxy concrete floor is hard to damage and in case of an unexpected damage it is easily repairable. 

If you are looking for Industrial epoxy flooring with both beauty and durability properties, hire Noballoy as your experienced commercial floor coating contractor which offers high-quality epoxy floor coatings for commercial, industrial and residential uses in your area.

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