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Resinous Coatings

Resinous coatings are a vast variety of coatings which everybody knows it as Epoxy. Different kind of resinous systems are Epoxy, Urethane, Poly-urea, MMA (methyl methacrylate) . Deppending on the function and the area and environment we choose the resinous systems suitable for residential, commercial and industrial projects. 

The purpose of resinous coating is the protect concrete from stain, chemicals, moisture and also in commercial and industrial kitchens, labs, Pharmaceutical plants, bathrooms and etc., seamless coatings prevents germs and bacteria to grow. Depending on the application there are various decorative options like quartz, flakes, or metallic pigment to give a decorative aspect to the final product while the quartz and flakes increase compression strength of the coating. 

Stain Concrete and Overlays

This is a solution to change ugly, old concrete floors to a beautiful old or modern looking one. There are various options for this as below:

  1. Applying stain on the existing floor
  2. Applying microtop or skim coat then stain and sealing the floor
  3. Applying minimum 1/4″ thick self level polymer modified cement, stain and sealing. This kind of coating are suitable for basements, restaurants, showrooms, ofices, etc.
  4. Applying 1/4″ stampable, 1/8″ stencil or texture overlay which are applicable on exterior floors like pool deck, patios, driveways, side walks, walkways etc.
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Polishing Concrete

Sometimes when the concrete is in a good shape or architects are looking for special designs and appearance, polishing concrete or polishing overlay is the best solution to return the concrete back to a low maintenance service and a beautiful appearance. Depending on the desired smoothness and sheen, concrete can be polished to 3000 grit to look like a mirror with exposed aggregates. 

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